Kagame’s Fire Speech Hits Backs Hard at Countries Currently Neo-Colonizing Africa

Welcome back to the 2nacheki channel and Candid Africa. Today we look at President Kagame’s Hard-hitting speech during the Global Security Forum Fireside Chat Thank you for watching! Have you liked this video yet? This is the greatest thing you can do to support our channel. Also please subscribe and share this video with friends and family. Buy our Official Merchandise here https://www.2nacheki.shop/ Visit our Links: https://linktr.ee/2nacheki 2nacheki pronounced tunacheki which means ‘We Are Watching ‘ in Swahili slang. Our goal is to educate, inform & entertain you all about the real Africa while showing the World that Africa is Watching. We create numerous videos every day on African topics like Africa Lists Africa News Africa Music Africa Dances Africa Speeches Africa Entertainment Africa History Africa Interviews Africa Documentaries Panafricanism Africapop-culture African culture African Politics and more Please contact us for tips, content submission, Ads, Takedowns, Collabos, Complaints, Reporting, and Inquiries #Africa #Africanews #2nacheki



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