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CMG Featuring Photographer Tia Boyd


CMG Featuring Photographer Greg Worsham


CMG Featuring Artist Dr. Ronald Scott McDowell



A conversation with Carlos Manuel Moreno-Key elements to prevent school dropouts and increase resilience.

https://youtu.be/CQaZ2fpYPT4 A conversation with Carlos Manuel Moreno-Key elements to prevent school dropouts and increase resilience.
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Cascade Media Group’s Genesis 8th Grade Media/Journalism Class

https://youtu.be/TaPZTM-6L38 Cascade Media Group's 8th grade Journalism/Media class filming and recording on the Plaza the Palestinian protests. All photos/Videos are done by the students
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Interview with Miriam Flores CEO of Advance CVO

https://youtu.be/p7-nLKQ2dvE?si=D_a5qciQWJgVAXdq Miriam Flores CEO of Advance CVO changing health care one client at a time Miriam shares her story as a Latin in the US...
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Interview with Pinnacle Elite Jessica Gomes Successful Entrepreneur

https://youtu.be/fc1M9OM2QNw This conversation with Jessica Gomes and myself about life, overcoming obstacles, and how she is able to be a successful entrepreneur.
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Interview with Owner Of Poncho’s Blanket Jonathan Garvey

https://youtu.be/-Cx0xHOd9bw Pancho’s Blanket creates handmade Mexican garments using old foot pedal looms that are over 100 years old. These methods are a dying art, shop...
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Interview with Founder of After School Hoops David Mlambo in Zimbabwe

https://youtu.be/1CFGap66YyM David Mlambo is the Founder of After School Hoops, a non-profit organization in over 650 schools in Zimbabwe. We talked about life, how basketball...
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What Kansas City Can Learn From Costco

Cities are all about finding common ground among disparate groups and learning how to live together. That’s the message every Kansas Citian needs to hear...
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Interview with Braulio Rivas Strengthening The Latino Community

https://youtu.be/5b00fbzxrtk Braulio Rivas currently serves as President of the Young Latino Professionals of Kansas City. He has served on the board since 2019. Born and...
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CMG Featuring Photographer Tia Boyd

https://youtu.be/RM7ZGrNrj7c Tia Boyd is a talented Texas photographer who aims to normalize nudity. After attempts at several “normal” career paths, she eventually found fulfillment in...
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Cascade Media Group Celebrating Cesar Chavez for National Hispanic Heritage Month

https://youtu.be/YwvDHMTa_PU CMG has created a series of short videos honoring People of color who have made significant contributions to our community in the past As...
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